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How to Find a Good Accountant for Your Business

As per market research, it’s around 75% of the small businesses in USA crumple within the first 1½ years of their commencing simply due to poor, unlawful financial management while a large percentage of them come across IRS audit, penalty resulting in business seal. In order to avoid such consequences and make the venture booming, lawful and productive, hiring accountant in Atlanta services is the best choice. Following are the top tips to find out an accountant suits your business best.

How to Find a Suitable Accountant?

Referrals and Sources

Even in the age of internet and other mediums, referral from friends, relations, and likeminded professionals is always the best choice to advance the process of finding the most suitable accountant in Atlanta. Other than referrals, you can go through internet pages, the popular social site Linked, which offers information like what kind of networks they have, how long they are in operation, their qualification, experience and contact details. Importantly, to locate an accountant, directories of CPA, CA and CGA professionals published by State authorities are also good sources.

Call a Few Considering Your Need

While choosing an accountant, it is vital for you to evaluate your business need. What is your business volume? Are you in need of a full-time accountant or a part time accounting service can meet your purpose? By narrowing down your choice, you can effectively pen down the details of 4-5 professionals for meeting and interviewing. Make sure, the accountants you choose are holding CPA, CA, or CB certification and have been licensed in the State.

Prepare a Questionnaire

First of all, there is nothing to hesitate to inquire the following questions which are relevant for you to reach the right person. In fact, real professionals never mind to provide details to their portfolio to their clients since that foster the route of an agreement. The information you need from the professional are

• Whether he/she holds a CPA, (Certified Public Accountant) degree

• If holds active license to practice in the State

• Where from and when he/she has received the certification and license

• About his educational background and degrees

• The details of the client he serves and what are their business sizes

• Specialization area of the professional

• How to contact him; what times he is available for services

• All about infrastructure

• About professional service charges

Hint: Most professional companies introduce them with the details of their professional portfolio, along with client appraisal letters, clientele and more

Get Someone Proactive and Accountable

As long as you are a small businessperson, finding a proactive, dependable accountant in Atlanta should be the choice. While the largest part of accounting people will take care of your financial systems and tax return part, there are professionals who act more proactively suggesting their clients the lawful ways to reduce tax burden. They are expert to deal with the IRS authority in case of an audit or back tax settlement issue.

How Equipped is the Professional?

An important deciding factor is to ensure all about the infrastructure. Is he a solo person or has a team of licensed bookkeepers, accountants to offer customer services online as well as on-site. What kind of software they use and whether it is compatible with your environment for sharing data. If not, what are the solutions? Look for an account in Atlanta operating on cloud-based application platform, which has been globally accepted due to its immense versatility, comprehensiveness, and features. The software has encryption security system in-built. Know clearly, what kind of security measures are taken at the setting for protecting the valuable information and data of clients.

Know and Negotiate Their Professional Fees

While many accounting professionals go with monthly basis package, there are people who look for percentage of your sales turnover as fees. Hourly basis professional charges are also quite popular in the industry. Think of a combined method of paying like on monthly basis throughout the year and hourly payment in course of tax period when the workload is high.

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